June 9 2018 Fantastic Fantasies & Fabulous Fables




Gather round boys and girls… it’s story time! Old Mother Hubbard is opening her kinky little cupboard, and she has a few stories to share with you… There are no Disney versions of fairytales to be found in these woods! This is where the naughty boys and girls have come to play… Join your kinky friends as we frolic in the forest for a night of fantastic fantasies and fabulous fables! 

DRESS: The big bad wolf, little jack horner, the pied piper, thumbelina, miss muffet, magical witches, jack and his beanstalk, mystical creatures: fairies, beasts, and elves! What will your story be? Will your frog turn into a prince?  What kind of spell will be cast on you for your naughty ways? 


Doors open at 9pm, last entry at Midnight
No unaccompanied singles.
Please read about our PAL system and our Code of Conduct.
Don’t show up under-dressed or uninformed!

Costumes are REQUIRED (see suggestions above).

There will be a coat and bag check area. Clothing required in all outdoor areas. 
Feel free to bring some toys (no edge play or blood play please).

Smoking is permitted outside only. 

CABARET Sensational acts featuring awesome talent from the Kinky Salon community
BDSM Fungeon for getting your kink on
FLIRT ZONE for kissing, conversing, and petting
PLAY ROOMS for horizontal socializing
BYO BOOZE we provide ice, mixers and cups. You bring your favorite libation
BYO CUP help save the planet and bring your own cup. We do have disposable cups available.

Kinky Salon is a global movement that promotes sexual liberation by hosting community gatherings where sex is integrated into the social fabric of the events. Kinky Salons are parties. They are really, really fun parties with costumes, art, dancing, and performance, as well as areas where people can be playfully sexual. We are queer friendly, body positive, accessible and inclusive.  Creativity is the focus of the events, and sex is just one way to express yourself at a Kinky Salon.
There’s a secret facebook group to chat and flirt with the community. Just reply to this mailing with a request to be added using the email address you use for facebook and we’ll add you. The group is secret so it won’t show up on your feed or inform your grandma of your sexy social life.


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