May 2 2015 ASStrological

BEHOLD! A prophecy!
Gypsy wanderers and priests and priestesses of the macrocosmos gather hence! For one night only a great conjunction is foretold…. Magickal planes have aligned and forces of the ASStrological mysteries will reveal their hidden truths. (In bed)

The Event
Cabaret, BDSM Fungeon, PLAY rooms, Djs, Dancing, and Naughtiness
Doors Open at -10:00 pm
Last Entry – 12:30 am

11:00 pm – Cabaret
A dark and sexy spectrum with something to fulfill everyones desires!
(Details and Pictures coming soon)

10:00pm – 3:00am – Dancefloor
Lusciuos bump & groove from DJ Uru Magic and guests
lubricating the Dancefloor all night long

prepare to be transformed
Body painter extraordinaire Nicolette Spear
of the Body Fine Art Organization, will join us for costume themed body painting…

Get your flirt on in the scandelous Zodaic Lounge.

the Play Rooms
Lounge – The poertry of the flirt goes a long way with us…
Red Room – for Play unbound.
Fungeon – for Kink and more.

-BYOB and BYOGoblet-
We will have a bar area where you can check in what you bring.
We will provide you with cups, ice, and mixers.
We will also keep track of your bottle for you so you can enjoy the party.

please read about our PAL system and our Code of Conduct.
There are NO exceptions to these rules!

Please visit for more information on what a Kinky Salon party is like.
Costumes are required (see suggestions below)
Bring protection (we will have some on hand just in case)
Feel free to bring some toys (no edge play or blood play please)
There will be a coat and bag check area
Clothing required in all outdoor areas
Smoking on rooftop only.

*Suggested Costumes*
What’s Your Sign? (Scorpio, Capricorn etc) Fortune Tellers, Soothsayers, Nostradamus, Rasputin, John Dee, Madame Blavatsky, Celestial Crystal Priestesses, Angels, Intergalactic Agents, Star Dust, Venus, Mars, Embodied Planets, Higgs Boson.