Mar 14 2015 Pirate Booty

► Every Kinky Salon has a theme and this one be PIRATES!

Ye faithful ship Syrup be loaded with booty and ready to drop anchor in yer fine lagoon! There be no space for ye scurvy bilge rats! NAY! Only the finest proud beauties set sail aboard this ship. Timbers be shivered! Poop decks be swabbed! Skulls be crushed between the thighs of study pirate wenches! And we may even show you where the treasure be buried…. YAR!

► Please! Dress to Express!!!
– suggested costumes –
Pirates and wenches, Scuba Divers, Fish, Boats, Lifeguards, Sailors, Bathing Suits, Davey Jones, Octopussy, Penguins, Sirens, Atlantians, Sea Monkeys, Kelp, Blowfish, Kissing fish, Seagulls, Mermaids, Beached Whales, Plankton, Muff divers, Captain Nemo, clam jousters

►11:00 pm – The PRISM Cabaret- a dark and sexy spectrum with something to fulfill everyone’s desires.

9:00 pm to 4:00 – Live DJ’s & Dancefloor

► Socialize, get your flirt on, and dance to sexy grooves all night long.

► PAL System <>
► Code of Conduct <>.
There are NO exceptions to these rules!
-BYOB and BYOGoblet-
Play Rooms Lounge
► Explore your charms. The poetry of the flirt goes a long way…
► Titillating Sensation Play Zone – Keep your knickers on and test your boundries.
► Red Room – for Play unbound.
► Fungeon -for Kink and more.