Sept 26 2020 Alien Sex Fiends (Virtual)

Sat Sept 26, 8pm-2am PST

Tune in from anywhere in the world to our EPIC, members only, multi-city, multi-roomed, digital adventure in the KS+ Party Portal!

Beaming from our secret bunker somewhere in the desert in Nevada, alien life-forms from the farthest reaches of the universe are here to meet, mingle and explore inter-species sexytimes. Will the Men In Black show up and ruin all the fun? Will the inter-galactic alien mating rituals contest even be allowed to take place? With an engine room powered by sexual energy, there’s only one way to keep this party alive…

At 8PM on Sept 26, click the big red button:


8PM to 2AM PST

The Wormhole

Alien races from around the universe beam into the party via the Wormhole. This is where you are oriented for the evening.

9:30PM to 10PM PST

The Showcase

Featuring the sexiest beings from the sexiest planets in the universe. Tin foil hats required!

Hosted by Polly Superstar

Tana the Tattooed Lady

Hunny Bunny

Elyse Elaine

Lady Neon



10:30PM to 11:30PM PST

Intergalactic Alien Mating Rituals Championships 

Hosted by Jack Friday

This contest is open to all genders, species, orientations, races, and dimensions. How do aliens on your planet fuck? Is it spectacular? Put on a show for our intergalactic audience and you could win the much coveted prize!!! A dedicated room hosts the contest with a panel of judges, live commentary, and audience voting.



The Pantsless Dance Party

Hosted by Brian Berlin

Aliens don’t wear pants. It is only polite to follow their traditions!

Shibari Workshop

Hosted by Cannon

Live workshop: Learn how to restrain your humanoid.

Reid as green alien

Anal Probe Workshop 

Hosted by Reid

Live demo: Learn how to anally probe your humanoid.

Bow to Zlorch

The winner of last year’s Intergalactic Alien Mating Rituals Championships demands your praise and tributes! (By entering this room you consent to being dominated by Zlorch)

Alien Sex Cult

For these aliens, this isn’t just a contest, it’s a lifestyle and a spiritual doctrine. This cult hosts strange rituals, and welcomes new members with bizarre initiation ceremonies.


Hosted by Marty

A guided game teaching intimacy and consent where we help a group of tentacled aliens and curious humans have a mutually satisfying and consensual intimate encounter! 6 players per 10 minute game.

The Engine Room

Hosted by Doña

The intergalactic portal is powered by erotic energy. The only way to keep the party going is to keep sexy play happening in the Engine Room. Our captain, Doña, keeps the action going with erotic readings of tentacle porn, masturbation, and puppets.

Pirate Space Station

Hosted by Nat

Broadcasting an array of bizarre multimedia to confuse the Men in Black and prevent them from shutting down the party, the Pirate Space Station ends up confusing everybody while turning them on.

Men in Black Are Pounding at Our Back Door

Hosted by Adam

Deemed too lascivious for planet Earth, the Men In Black are trying to shut the party down… We need your help to stop them from getting into the party. Break the code and solve the riddles or they’ll storm our back door!

Photo Booth

by Cha Cha Burnadette

Our professional photographer will direct your lighting, pose you on your couch, and capture you at your best. She can even arrange cams side by side for group shots with friends.

Escape Pods

Sometimes you need somewhere to get away from the action. These escape pods only fit 4 people. Invite friends or see who shows up.


Do you want to participate more deeply in KS+? Are you ready to become a vital part of this virtual community-experience? We are looking for a few good CARETAKERS and HOSTS to help guide the community in this digital realm.

All profits from the sale of tickets are shared with performers and room hosts, supporting the infrastructure of artists and weirdos who make Kinky Salon unique.